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Parliamentary study groups, targets of lobbies

Paris (AFP) - "Historically considered as active and often opaque places of lobbying", according to a MoDem official, parliamentary study groups, these structures bringing together deputies or senators on subjects ranging from video games to insurance, could have to give guarantees of transparency.

- Study groups, what is it?

They are now 103 in the National Assembly and only 20 in the Senate, and do not officially intervene in the legislative procedure.Their mission is confined to "legal and technical monitoring" on issues including the standing committees (Finance, Business social ...) do not have the time or the opportunity to seize.

They tackle economic subjects, such as the group "Trade, crafts and arts trades", society with the group "Discrimination and LGBTQI-phobias in the world".But also picturesque areas: "Pastoral breeding" or "Horse" Others allow diplomatic signals to be sent, notably the "Kurdish" or "Tibet" groups.

Showing their commitments in this way, parliamentarians can belong to as many study groups as they wish.Thus, in the Senate, more than two out of three senators have joined at least one study group, with participation average to three.

At the Palais Bourbon, any deputy can create a group, after validation by the commissions and approval of the office of the Assembly (its board of directors).Study groups are free but have no allocated budget, apart from operating "facilities", for reserving meeting rooms or editing documents.

In the Senate, the groups are more framed: they remain under the control of the commissions.Their reduced number corresponds to a will of the Senate to "rationalize" the parliamentary work.The senatorial groups have means of functioning, provided that the members pay a contribution of 22 euros per year per group, for trips to France or working lunches.

Posted Date: 2020-06-26

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