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Gardening is good for your Health.
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Horticultural therapy and therapeutic horticulture  are adaptable methods for people of all ages and abilities.
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horticultural therapyDr Aimée Taylor  HTR
Registered Horticultural Therapist,
BSc (Hons) PhD University of Aberdeen.
Master Gardener, HT Certificate, Researcher.
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What is Therapeutic Horticulture?

Therapeutic horticulture
(TH) is the formal name given to the purposeful use of plants and plant related activities to promote health and wellness for an individual or group.

Therapeutic horticulture benefits people in a number of ways:

horticultural therapyEmotionally, from the sense of the natural rhythm of life from plants and gardens.  TH can divert thoughts about oneself and situation. By performing gardening activities one can create and control the environment. The ability  to control something creates empowerment and self esteem. Mental health is improved through a sense of purpose and achievement.

 TH can challenge your strength and balance, promote hand-eye coordination,  improve a person's range of movement and endurance. The physical level of the activity can be modified to suit any degree of ability.

 by creating interaction with others performing similar activities. Gardens invite socialization and TH in this setting promotes cooperation. 
 The opportunity to connect with others improves social health by integrating teamwork and connection with others with similar interests.

TH can be used to teach skills for working in the horticulture and landscaping sectors.  
Vocational skills for horticultural work can translate into many career areas and can improve and create employment.

Spiritual well-being from spending time outside, in touch with nature and the 'great outdoors'
.  TH benefits the mind, has effects of stress relief,  improved mood and emotional well being. 

Delivery of Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic horticulture programs can be performed year round. There are four core areas of therapeutic horticulture that can be delivered in a program.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Gardening
  2. Floral Design and Arrangement
  3. Botanical Arts and Crafts
  4. Nature Related Activities
Slideshow of photos from projects and programs. 
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